Playing And Loving Soccer For 3-6 year olds

For years our AKKA P.A.L.S classes have provided young players a great start on their journey in the game. 

Our 3 levels of classes are coached to match the energy, enthusiasm, and imagination that each age group brings in bunches!  They are play based, using various games to keep the kids moving while introducing the basics of ball control and introducing how soccer works by defending a goal and attacking a goal. Each successive level of class steps up the challenges asked of the players but always keeps “Playing” at the center of every lesson.

Our lead coach, Andy Snyder is a professional educator with over 20 years of teaching experience across the ages. He is super imaginative and brings lots of energy and positivity to every session. He is assisted by high school and college students with soccer backgrounds and a desire to coach and work with kids.

The fall session kicks off on Sat. Oct. 5th. All classes have an 18 player limit and each player receives an official AKKA P.A.L.S t-shirt! Continue scrolling down for more info on each class and to register!

P.A.L.S 3 & 4yr Old Beginners 

Sat. 9am-945/7 weeks/Oct. 5th running to Nov. 16th/$120  

A super fun introduction for players brand new to the game.  Constant movement using Stop & Go games, Simon Says, Freeze Tag etc.. Socializing, listening, following directions, balance, ball control, spatial awareness are among the many benefits of our beginner classes!

 P.A.L.S  4 & 5yr Old Intermediate

7 weeks/Sat. 10am-1045/Oct. 5th running to Nov. 16th/$120             

A step forward from the beginners class still practicing fundamentals of ball control within fun games but adding some more directional defend/attack a goal concepts into the mix.

P.A.L.S  5 & 6yr Old Micro Soccer

7 weeks/Sat. 11am-1145/Oct. 5th running to Nov. 16th/$120      

For 5/6 year old players who get the concept of protecting a goal and scoring in the opponent's goal.  They will practice more sophisticated ways to steer, stop, accelerate and change direction with the ball as well as passing and receiving. 1v1, 1v2, 2v1, and 2v2 situations while still using games that keep them smiling, moving, and engaged. This is the last stop before moving onto our recreational 3v3 league for 6 and 7 year olds.