AKKA \ ah-kuh \ n v: 1. a move of devastating quickness pulling your opponent in two directions leaving them to question what happened and if they should consider taking up a safer pursuit.  2. "Whoa they just got akka'd big time!"  

By combining the elements of unstructured street soccer; creativeness, skillfulness, and freedom, with the beauty of organized outdoor soccer; tactical awareness, physical ability, and teamwork, AKKA Soccer players don't just play the game, they own the game!

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What we do!

AKKA Soccer trains players integrating futsal techniques and principles with traditional soccer. Technical repetition is combined with game-situation activities. Over time this increases a player's efficiency to select and execute the right solution to better solve problems in the game.  

We offer classes and private training for players U8-U18, year round indoors at our 2200 square foot turf facility at the Hainesport Industrial Park (3223 Sylon Blvd., Hainesport, NJ 08036), conveniently accessible from routes 38, 206, and 295.

Contact akkasoccer.com@gmail.com for more info.